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        Taste is higher than the pursuit of excellence.

        Starting designer drawbacks horizon when Unicom each piece as a fresh life, dancing soul pipeline.

        Study is a spirit, a belief in the young.

        From the birth of the first branch of plastic pipe, to production and sales ranked the forefront of the province, is China Unicom industry loyalty, loyalty is bound to win the trust of users, the new China Unicom nourish increasingly flourish.

        Unicom pious pipeline that China Unicom has the industry's proud of the team. Technological innovation, product manufacturing, channel marketing, promotional planning, customer service ...perfect fit beyond simple product level, to provide you with a more elegant design, better technology, better service.

        In the pipeline in the world, we will ride.

        China Unicom, is not only a product, but also a harmonious life attitude.

         JiangSu LianTong Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. E-mail:liantong@liantongpipe.com
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